Damsels in distress

I don't know if someone has posted this yet, but I just picked it up from a group where I used to live- The Tidal Potomac Flyrodders. Anyway, this vid made me giddy--actually laughing out loud while watching the big browns go to work.




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I clicked on Leland's post when he posted it, thinking that the title was misleading and it was actually about girls. I didn't have time to view it then and then forgot about it. I'm glad I watched it this time...hard to believe anything could be as cool, even if it actually did involve girls.


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Excellent! Thanks for sharing. I had the pleasure of watching a large rainbow jump airborne to snag a dragonfly in a lake in Yosemite once. The fish just chomped away with his nose out of the water like JAWS chewing on that boat in the movie.