So, looks like I'm going to be here awhile...

Thanks all! A kinder welcome could not be imagined, I'm just happy that things have fallen into place so smoothly, and hopefully will continue to do so.

I'm in the shop pretty much every day now, so please feel free to swing by and say hi.

On that note, we are actually open 7 days a week now (we will likely post a separate post as well.) But we will be open on Sundays now, from 11-4, and also, to aid those who cannot get into the shop during the week, we are now open late on Wednesdays (10-8) so stop on in!

But again, couldn't be more pleased, and your warm welcome makes the decision seem all the wiser.



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There's no future in the "Awl bidness" I think the internal combustion engine is a passing fad - unless you are on I-5 then there is no passing - just sitting. I hope things go your way!
Good to finally meet you at the shop yesterday! Sorry that I could not chat with you since I had to be in Port Townsend at noon. For only fishing the saltwater here in Puget Sound for 1 year you sure have posted some awesome reports and photos.

Your addition and new programs at Puget Sound Fly Co. will make it an even better shop.

May your son's health continue to improve & being around him bring you joy. Money ain't NOTHIN' but a means to an end... & family is the end all & be all of life.... oh, & fishing is important, too... & maybe a good slice of pizza
Congrats Dan! It is cool to hear that you are exited personally and professionally. I hope you son continues to improve. Best of luck in all aspects!

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