Occupy Skagit - 2014


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We have a week....lets hope for good weather. Last year we had basic steelheading weather; cold, overcast with drizzle and a ton of people showed up. Only steelheaders show up for a protest in a cold northwest drizzle. Maybe this year some better weather and even more will come. See you in a week.


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Kerry -
the 10 day forecast has Saturday with temperatures in the 40s with light rain/drizzle - in other words a typically spring day on the upper Skagit.

If those of us that were there last year could bring along some new we should have a great crowd.

See you there.



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This may only be of interest to the locals, but the Clear Lake Fire Department is have a Pancake Feed beginning at 6am. The mailer advertises ham, sausage, coffee, and juice...and one would assume, pancakes.
And there is a shotgun raffle - tickets are $10 or 3 for $20

Clear Lake Fire Hall 23624 Jackson St. Clear Lake
I'm thinking I'll be there when it opens, have some breakfast and then head for Rockport.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Howard Miller Steelhead Park!


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And I was wondering where I might stop for breakfast. Clear Lake might just work. 6 is a scoosh early, but 7:00 AM should be about right to make it to Rockport by 9:00.


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If I head that way late tonight, where might I car camp or hang my hammock between a pair of trees?
Skagit county park just across the one lane bridge on the south skagit hyway if you want to hang in a tree amongs the tweekers.But I would just stay at Howard millers steelhead park and car camp


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Another heads up:
Tomorrow morning Curt will be on the radio; AM 710 ESPN on The Outdoor Line program. He pre-recorded an interview and it should broadcast sometime between 6am and 8am. For those of you on the road at that time, it might be a good listen. The program has been a good supporter of OS but will not be present this year due to a scheduling conflict.

I also talked to a reporter from the Skagit Valley Herald today and they will be up again with a photographer.
My plan is to get eleven copies of the paper when it is run and give them to the commissioners. :)