Taking the wife down to the river......

Seth Tyson

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My wife recently asked what I would like for my birthday; I leaped at the chance to take her fishing. Obviously this isn't the greatest time of year to take someone new to flyfishing out on the water. Our options for water are slim ,as we cannot travel far (due to the new baby at home). I know where we will go (the Spokane) and I know she will get a fish (this spot has never let me down).

Is there any secrets to making sure a [fishing-phobic] spouse has an enjoyable experience on the water?

I know they make those floating candles now....

Im not sure what kind of sorcery all you with fly-fishing wives used, but please tell me.....


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RF got it right. Leave the rods in the trunk of the car and 'cuddle' with the 'special ones.' You can fish later; now is "Not Later." Just sit on some river bank, that for you at the moment may be an issue, and watch the water go by.

Maybe a nice dinner out followed by a rented 'Chick Flick' for the TV? A nice dinner out is not Pizza! First child.

You call ahead and make reservations; white table cloth and all. "Mr. and Mrs, Evans your table is ready, and may I suggest a special meal?" Handed back the Menu's and 'If you'd be so kind and what would you suggest for wine?'

"For your wife, none, but I have a very good ....."

Ate there two/three times a week with business clients so folks knew me well. At the end I asked for 'The Bill' and none; 'Do you know if it's a Boy or a Girl?'

God did that Guy get one hell of a tip.
Is there any secrets to making sure a [fishing-phobic] spouse has an enjoyable experience on the water?

Yeah, 85 degree weather.

Dude, what are you thinking? Taking most woman fishing in Feb (who don't normally fish), is like asking a man to go shopping at the mall for 8 hrs! I don't care how many Cinnabon rolls you eat.

Delay your trip for July, and you can have a "second birthday". :p

Kyle Smith

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Definitely go somewhere pretty with easy fish, in the SUMMER. And don't fish until she starts to figure it out or is cozy on a rock reading a book. A mini box of wine or some cold beers and a nice lunch couldn't hurt also.

Bob Rankin

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How about we just give you a swift kick in the nuts and call it a day:) just kidding, I hope you have a great time!
I agree with those above who said 'wait 'til summer.' My wife has taken up fly fishing in order to spend time with me, but it is definitely a fair-weather exercise, and we need to plan around trips where she has something else she can enjoy doing for part of the day, while I fish. Fortunately for me, this can be as simple as finding a good place to hang a hammock in the shade to read.


David Loy

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The only way I know is to leave them at the mall with a credit card.
Go Sox,
Sure fire, this'll work.
A cousin was invited to fly fish the Seychelles a few years ago. He and his friends, and all of the wives flew to Paris enroute. The wives checked into the Ritz Paris as the buddies flew on to the Seychelles and fished with guides and lodging on a huge trimaran for a week. The women spa'd, shopped and saw sights. The boys collected them (and baggage) on the return trip.

Conversely, I took my wife fishing with me once and she got $400 in fines. Long story suitable for a campfire, but the net result is that she has ZERO interest in fishing with me again. I got off cheap.
Whoa.... wait a second here.

I finally see what you're up to. You want to take her when it's cold out, so that way she won't bug you to go all the time! Very clever!

;) :p
Coach her a couple of times and let her be. She will get tried of hearing what she is doing wrong. Tell her how well she is doing for her first time. Get her where she can caught a fish. And most of all you are out to have fun with her, its not about catching fish but to be out with her!!!!!