Phil Rowley at The Confluence Fly Shop February 19th


Scott Willison
Posted in the stillwaters forum but thought we'd include it on the main as well. Thanks!

The Confluence Fly Shop is excited to welcome Phil Rowley to Bellingham on Wednesday, February 19th. Phil will be offering two small group fly tying sessions as well as an evening presentation at the shop. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from an accomplished fly tier and author in an intimate setting and support your local shop.

Here’s the lowdown:

Conquering Chironomids 1:30-3:30
Demystify one of our local trout's most prominent food sources and fill your box with effective imitations that have a proven track record. Class cost $60. Space limited to 4 people.
Stillwater Favorites 3:30-5:30
Focus on tying a variety of deadly lake patterns like the Pearly Damsel and Waste Troll Leech. Learn when and how to fish a smorgasbord of important aquatic lake fare. Class cost $60. Space limited to 4 people.

How to Find Trout in Productive Stillwaters Seminar 6:00 pm
Join us for a lively evening and learn how to up the ante on your lake game.

Fly-fishing has its roots firmly entrenched in rivers and streams but every year sees more and more anglers making the migration to stillwaters. But lakes are vast intimidating pieces of water with most providing little or no clues as to the disposition and location of its rich quarry. This presentation examines the many factors affecting fish behavior and their subsequent location within a given lake. Water temperature, barometric pressure, sunlight and a host of other variables have a decided effect upon trout. Applying logic familiar to most river and stream anglers this program focuses upon using these variables as a tool to quickly eliminate non productive water ensuring successes far outweigh the failures. Seminar cost: $20.

Email: or call us at (360) 312-7978 if interested in signing up.