All aboard the flatwing train

I decided that I needed to attempt tying these things as they look awesome and fish well. I tied some up to imitate pink fry as well as a sand lance. I need to get some silver flashabou/tinsel, but made do with what I have on hand.

As a point of clarification, what matters should be the longest? My assumption was flash, peacock, and saddle hackle were longest with the bucktail being shorter.

Comments and critiques welcomed.

Jay C

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I made an attempt three years ago to tie some flat wings. Some of the most frustrating times at my vise. I now appreciate what goes into a well tied flatwing. Those look fishy.
You won't be sorry Gary, they fish so well for cutts, especially during the salmon fry migration. The longest parts should be the flatwing hackle and the flashabou, the bucktail forms the body and is short. The movement comes fromt he hackle being free to move along with the flashabou. They swing really well in current as well.
Some more time at the vise tonight, I think these will work for pink fry, based on pictures I've seen online. These are fun to tie, a little tricky at times, struggle with getting the flat wing flat and crowding at the head, but I'm pretty happy with the way they look. Can't wait to try them out!