Open seat- Basin lakes opening weekend

Gonna be headed over the pass to fish the opening weekend. Opener is March 1st, and my totally-not-set-in-stone plan is to head over from Kitsap on Friday after work and camp out or get a room somewhere, with the plan to meet up with Ira and his brother, and fish Saturday/Sunday then head home Sunday night.

As of right now plans are pretty loose. The only real plan is to fish hard both days and have a good time. Beyond that I'm flexible. I'll be bringing my 10' pram that fishes two and a ton of gear, so if someone is interested in either riding with or meeting over there I will have a seat. I'm pretty easy to get along with. My only requirements is no whining. Rain or shine I'll be fishing. Drinking and smoking a plus! **Must approve of vertical presentation and two rod endorsement aka dynamite**

Anyway, if anyone is interested shoot me a message and we can work out the details. Should be good fishing. Will definitely be a good time.
Man, another opportunity I'd love to take advantage of. That sounds like a blast!

I'm heading out of the country on the 22nd of February so I'm gonna miss out on the spring season. Here, at least. I hope to get into some fish in northern Ireland though.

Have a great weekend out there!


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I have no plans to travel that weekend so if no work pops up I would be in but sadly work can always pop up on a seconds notice :(

I have a tent if camping is the plan or 11ty billion hotel points at every chain imaginable. I can also bring a yak or float tube or pram...

Bob Rankin

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Sounds like fun! I've got to go back to work on the 22nd, so I won't be out till the end of March. Lots of good opportunity' s out this way. Good luck!


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I'll be at Lenice on Sunday, March 2. Only ice will keep me off the lake for this one day. I'll tough out the wind