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Taking the family to Orlando the second week of June, yep Disney and the likes. Wife said I could have a day of fishing to myself, woohoo. We are staying with some of her family, unfortunately non of them fish or have boats. I was hoping to do this unguided, really expensive and with other costs, the trip is not going to be cheap. Any ideas on maybe foot access areas? Might be down to renting a boat. I will be bringing a rod, will probably just buy flies there. Would really like to get into some Drum. I would like to avoid Bass and the like, I would rather chase salt water/brackish fish. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If guided really is the only way, then throw out some guides I should contact. Thanks


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Check this guy out for a kayak rental. tours@calypsokayaking.com

This would get you on the water for an inexpensive rate and access to brackish water and reds, baby tarpon and snook. Bring Booties. There is also a Bass Pro Shops in Orlando where you can get local flies and local knowledge.


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ryfly, will look into that, thanks.

Bill, I have been researching the Indian. Cirque is something the wife is looking into, yay more money. Thanks

Will do Bruce, thanks.

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Ok here's the scoop....the fly shop on the east side of Orlando (can't remember the name) can give you info. You need waders cause the water is cold, fish Mosquito Lagoon, you'll need a salt water license and a Merrit Island license (free), the other areas around Merrit island can be good but also fish the St. Johns river for shad.