Floating Baitfish Patterns


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Besides Leland's and Roger's excellent patterns, does anyone else have any floating searun cutt or coho baitfish patterns they'd like to share?
Pics and a recipe would be appreciated.
I've been messing around with some patterns. I'm not really pleased with the results but I hope to see if they will result in some hook-ups this weekend.
These are about 2.5" long. Except for the very thin one, I've been glueing sheets of closed cell foam together then trimming the bodies to shape.
Don't laugh to hard. :D


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gurglers work great, and smaller versions of bob's banger tied with a trailer hook. the flat face with the hole dead center slides as well as any other head and can also be popped and made to make more of a commotion if necessary.

all of my popper fishing, whether offshore or in the kelp for coho or for rockfish (nice having one popper head that works for both) has been with gurglers or modified bangers.

i did have some great success on sea-runs last spring on the following pattern. it was tied on a single hook so it was shorter and the bucktail was veiled with some uv pearl shimmer fringe.



Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
I like the look of that pattern. Did you make the head or purchase it?
I've got Gurglers but I'll have to tie up some Bangers. What diameter are you using for the head?
I've been looking around for some very small slider heads, more like panfish size but can't seem to locate a source.
If someone knows where to purchase them please let me know.
I ended up with one of those Banger patterns Chris tied for a coho swap last summer. I havent fished the pattern yet but ive always thought it was a really neat looking pattern.

Chris Bellows

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the foam is large boobie eyes cut in half. you could probably also custom order the x-large size

Boobie Eyes

For coho popper patterns I use 3/8" or 1/2" foam cylinders. For sea runs I would go with the 1/4" although you have to go a bit longer for floatation which equals using a trailer hook.

Foam Cylinders

I've tried a bunch to make poppers with more realistic profiles but I'm pretty sure the fish don't care and the time and effort don't seem worth it. Hell, the most popular popper pattern has the profile of a dick and it catches plenty of fish.


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Sweet ties fellas
I like the idea of the gurgler with a stinger
It might pick up some of those slashing fish
Alexander, do you lace a stinger leash under the foam?

Nothing beats catching a fish that jumps before you hook it

Chris Bellows

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really nice gurglers... i may beg you for some this upcoming summer ;)

the gurglers i have fished with success typically have a short tail so i have not worried about tying them with a trailer. for sea-runs i tie them on a longer shanked hook and they seem to hook fish just fine.

i have a fond place in my heart for gurglers.... 2010 west of PA having 8-10 lb coho's explode on them in 10-12' of water in the few open areas in thick kelp beds. it was only one to two tides, but i would give up 10 days of neah bay for a single high tide of that fishing.
There is also a pattern called a Puget Sound Slider. Rather than having the foam on top, the foam is punctured by the eye of the hook and wrapped to the sides. The body could be any kind of baitfish pattern. The foam is tied down about 3/16 in. behind the head and then clipped off a bout the same distance, depending on the size of the hook. It sticks out a bit to the side and causes a wake much like other poppers but it doesn't pop, hence the name slider.