Change of Pace-Balanced Patrol Car


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After reading the thread in Stillwaters on balanced patterns I thought I would post one of my favourites, The Patrol Car Leech. I've been tying the balanced style for five years and am still unconvinced that they are worth the effort. I still do very well fishing leeches and pumpkinheads presented vertically under the indicator but am determined to find out the value of balanced patterns. With the position of the eye fishing these patterns "naked" makes the fly dip,dive and pitch which I would think either aggravates the fish or excites them! Either way the method is a benefit and along with the obvious advantage of the hook point riding up makes this type of pattern a necessary addition to the flybox. Enjoy...



Indi "Ira" Jones
Very similar to the pattern I tie, but without the blue. As a hard core stillwater guy, I can seriously attest the effectiveness of the balance pattern at times. And yes when fished not vertically, it can also be quite deadly. I also like to fish regular jig patterns non vertically as well.
Looks tasty.
Im very glad to see you on our forum, John. I learned how to fly fish on Tunkwa thru the nineties and have enjoyed many of your ties I've seen on other forums
Sorry if this is a dumb question, when I see fly referred to as "balanced" does that mean it's on a jig style hook or is there some other attribute about the fly?
I wached a couple videos on youtube on balanced leeches since I have been reading Ira's post about them lately I had to give it a shot, they have worked wonders for me over the last two weeks! I am curious to their effectiveness on bass since I will be moving to Kentucky shortly.