Glueing end section on....?


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I have an Allen flyrod 4pc and the end section falls of 5-10 times in a 5hour outing... It's causing confidence issues when using this rod. I noticed a small crack at the butt end where is slides on the other section. (I may have done this, not sure)

Anyhow - is there any harm to gluing thing end piece onto the next section of the rod? Thanks!

Gluing it would keep them together but can change the action, due to the fact that some epoxy’s flex and some turn rock hard. I would just spiral wrap the ferrule with scotch tape and fish the day away with no issues


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If there is a crack it should be repaired or replaced

I repaired two such female ferrule sections this winter with help from a local custom rod builder

It involved putting on a short section of fiberglass rod around the cracked ferrule to provide hoop strength

I doubt whether epoxy ing your rod sections together will provide the strength you need


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Thanks guys! I've reached out to Allen FF. I'll see what they say.

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After you get it fixed and you still have the same problem. You can help it from happening by taping your sections together with electrical tape. Some do this with Spey rods to keep the sections together.


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I am happy to report that Evan from Allen flyfishing is rectifying the situation no problem, absolute 100% excellent customer service. I recommend them highly

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I "fixed" my old 4wt by gluing. It's now been in my parents basement without a reel on it for about 5 years...poor thing. The action got ruined and it just so happened it was the first rod I built