Another build - because I just can't help myself...

This time I bought two glass spinning blanks. After reading about people converting glass spin blanks to fly rods I got interested. I don't have the loot to drop $200+ on one"fast" action Epic blank (though I'd like to one day) so I thought for starters I could start with another glass blank. So I picked up a Batson Forecast SPG 780 UL spinning blank and an SPG 720 (of which I'll post pics when it's done).

It's a black blank, 6'6" and a one piece, made out of E-Glass. From my research I see that it would rate as a 3-4 wt. I cast it with a 4wt line and it's NOICE! I put a 3wt on it and it casts NOICE! Very NOICE!

Some notes:

* I don't like glossy black blanks!!! Once you zero in on the blank while wrapping you start seeing all kinds of stuff, especially when looking under a lamp with magnifier. :eek:

* I really like the single footed guides, but I don't like wrapping them, securing a double footed guide is way easier while wrapping one side.

* Though I ordered the "chameleon" stripping guide, after looking at it long no likey. But they wen't on either way, not really a big deal.

* The only winding check I could find that would fit was a rubber/black plastic one. I don't like they, even though the rod wasn't pricey, they IMHO make a rod look cheap, even if it is. ;) So I made my own. Again I read and researched and found out that some people use rod bond or regular 5 min epoxy to make a base to then wrap with whatever color thread so it looks like a winding check. This one turned out quite successful imho

* Although I have previously successfully used u 40 Color Lock, there is no way to check and see before putting the epoxy on that it took well enough... if it does not take well it will show and looks like junk. - So off came the guides and I just went with PacBay thread that already has CP. Though the choice between flat (color wise) looking CP'd thread and the nice glistening nylon non CP thread is easy for me, I wanted to color on this rod to POP since it's a fresh water SRC rod, I went with orange, you know going orange for the orange like slash the fish sports. I settled for the flat color orange after the challenge of adding color lock to the regular untreated nylon thread - which looks way better when treated but getting them all right all the time is challenging and possibly a cause for extra/re-work . My assumption is that the epoxy "snuck" under the thread via the opening at the end of the guide and "tainted" my work. :(

* I hope I made sense in the above note.

* I'm a fan of that Tiger wrap technique and keep wanting to try new color variations to see what I get, so I did it again. :)

Ok, so here then some pics (sorry, I'm not a great fly rod detail photographer), the Tiger wrap at certain angles expose details otherwise not seen by the naked eye. But it does give you an idea of how it works.. final wrap is two strands of thread wrapped side by side and then one thread completely removed to expose the double wrap underneath and thus creating that blurry/marbled/bengal tiger like visual.

Batson Forecast
SPG 780 E-glass
Gunmetal reel seat skeleton
Ebony wood insert
Grade A Cork grip
Single footed guides (all same size 3)
Custom winding check
Orange Stay True PacBay Thread
Gunmetal metallic thread
Tiger wrap: black/sunrise (orange/yellowish color) thread with color lock added -> epoxy ->Black and orange pre-treated thread over that and black removed.


In placing guides on the blank prior to wrapping them, for years I've been using a stick of some sort of glue; sorry I don't remember the brand name, or if it's still on the market. You just heat the bottom of the guide foot or feet with a flame, touch the bottom to the glue stick, then place the guide on the blank in a pre-marked place and hold it for about thirty seconds. Then you just wrap it. You could probably use a fast-drying glue like Crazy Glue, and perhaps candle wax.
Yeah, I have the glue stick and have tried crazy glue on my first rod. Crazy glue is out, don't like it. I may give the glue stick (hot glue stick) a try. It's the same stuff that is used for the tip top. The only reason I have not done any glue since first trying crazy glue is because I like the ability to move my guides a little when I'm done wrapping, in case they are out of alignment with each other.


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I use dental rubberbands for braces to hold my guides in place while wrapping. They only cost a few bucks for 100 on ebay (3/16"),hold tight, and allow for movement after wrapping.



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Another option is painters tape, the blue stuff. It holds well enough and can last being removed several times. Just cut thin strips...

Alexander your finish is looking good... thanks for the pics


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I use dental rubberbands for braces to hold my guides in place while wrapping. They only cost a few bucks for 100 on ebay (3/16"),hold tight, and allow for movement after wrapping.

Or get some surgical tubing like that used to hold pencil leads when drift fishing for steelhead, and cut it in pieces to create little rubber bands.
I use the tubing, with double footed guides are easy that way, the single footed guides a little more challenging. :)

Actually, I use fuel tubing for those small RC cars. They come in differentID sizes. Was recommended to me by the guys from Utmost Ent. Great idea and nice to have the various ID's - you can get them RC hobbie stores.