SBS Lawson's Halfback Emerger SBS


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Neat little fly. Craft foam would make a more durable wing pad than the deer hair but this was developed before that stuff was readily available. Tied here in PMD colors; adjust to suit your hatch.

hook - Dai Riki 320 #18
thread - UTC 70 hopper yellow
rib - small copper wire
abdomen - pheasant tail
shuck/back - Congo Hair brown
wing case - deer hair
thorax/head - Superfine dubbing PMD

mash down barb, attach thread

tie in wire and wrap back to point above barb

tie in a few pheasant tail fibers

wrap forward and tie off at 60% mark

tie in Congo Hair

pull CH down on top of hook, capture with wire rib; continue ribbing forward, helicopter end and tie off

clean a small clump of deer hair

tie in by butt ends, smooth with thread

dub thread, dub thorax; leave some room at the front

pull deer hair forward, tie off and trim ends

a little more dubbing; half hitch x 2, SHHAN

trim shuck, fly done



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I was wanted to thank you for all your SBS posts, I have learned many new things and am able to do something better because of your efforts.

Oh buddy! Love the back and thorax! Yeah, foam might give a better "realistic" appeal, but like you said, the durability factor could be an issue.

Could just grease up the thorax, and I'm sure it would be just fine.

Man! Where was this idea 20 years ago... and why didn't I think of that?! :p

Sweetness, pure and simple. Thanks Scott!


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Scott your SBS fly tying threads are one of the high points of this forum. Even if I haven't tried to tie all of your patterns I feel like they are one of the best sources of inspiration for different tying techniques. I'm especially digging the foam patterns.