SBS Foam Backed Caddis SBS


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All that foam keeps it on top, although it may be a bit hard to pick out in chop; this one floats pretty low and is better used in calmer water.

hook - Dai Riki 320 #16
thread/rib - UTC 70 tan
abdomen - dubbing tan
overbody/overhead - 1mm foam tan
wing - deer hair
head - dubbing dark hare's ear
indicator - 1mm foam orange

mash down barb, attach thread and wrap back to bend

taper foam strip (about 3/4 hook gap wide); tie in at bend

brush on a little Super Glue and cover foam with thread wraps, finish at 60% mark; dub thread, dub body back to bend

pull foam overbody over body

create first segment

pull foam back, move thread forward and repeat

and again and again

wrap foam down to the hook eye

clean, stack and measure a clump of deer hair; tie in

smooth butts and wrap down to eye

dub thread, dub head back to wing

pull foam overhead over head and tie down

tie in indicator; whip, SHHAN

trim foam, fly done; pretty simple, huh?



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just tied some of these up, great pattern. looks great with a couple wraps of brown CDC in a split thread right before putting the indicator on at the end.


Canyon Lurker
once again great pattern, just tied a few more. some with biot tails and yellow dubbing/foam with rubber legs for some lil sallies.