Ling flies

IMG_0938.JPG In spite of my previous thread, I decided to make a little time to try tying ling flies. I'd still like to purchase some, as its going to take me some time to get halfway decent at tying these monsters, but I'm glad I found a little time to at least give them a whirl.

I picked up a few basic supplies tonight, just enough to try to tie some huge Clousers. It was weird working with such a huge hook. This is a size 4/0 circle hook, and even trying to get it in the vise was interesting. Basically everything about tying something this huge felt strange. I am going to have to work on my proportions, and I plan to pick up a few more things to tie a couple different style of flies that I've seen online lately.

Anyway, here is my first attempt. Like I said, the proportions aren't great, and I obviously tied the eyes on too close to the eye of the hook, leaving little room to work with... Something I've always had a problem with when tying these flies. I've read that red/yellow/oranges seem to be very popular, so I started with this color combo. I picked up a few different colors of yak hair to play around with.

I'm still planning to buy some flies, but it's fun to mess around with these. Depending on how this upcoming season goes, I could see myself getting more into tying these monstrosoties in the future.

I'd love to see some pics/recipes of any ling flies you folks have had success with!
Hell yes Nick, don't be afraid to tie them a bit fuller, and yak is so slick, make sure to fold it over when you're tying it in. I'll post some pictures of flies that have worked for me in the past when I get home from work. And bring a steel comb, like a pet brush, to brush them out after a ling, because the yak ends up in knots.