Anyone fly fished California? for trout


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Not exactly trout, but this is a good time of the year for large surf perch on the Cali coast. Quite a challenge at times with the flyrod.

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Las Vegas and is on my short list. I don't know if Reno is anywhere near your travels, but if you would prefer trout over striped bass, Pyramid Lake would give you a legitimate shot at a trout over twenty pounds.


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I lived in/around LA for 3 years before moving here. Most of the creeks are going to be pretty blown out right now (depending on the drought effect) but I've fished and done well on the Santa Ana's upper sections, Lytle Creek (MF and SF), deep creek and bear creek. Also, the Kern is not really all that far away from there. PM me if you need more details.
The lower Stan is good, it is just hard to fish. Below the reservoir (Tulloch) there are some steep cliffs on both sides and most of it is private property. We used to go out to Knights Ferry cliff diving and then put in at the bottom side of the park and float down to Oakdale. If you have a pontoon or raft it would give you some great fishing. For simple walk in fishing with chances to catch big rainbows, go to La Grange. You can park on either side of the bridge in La Grange and walk 30 seconds to the water. You can wade both sides of the river, but the side opposite from town is better. You can walk almost all the way to La Grange dam, but honestly the river just down river of the dam is best. Most of the time I was slinging a number 2 silver blue fox, but when I did use a fly rod, a dun or olive colored grasshopper was almost cheating. I grew up in Modesto and know most of the rivers/ponds/lakes in the area. I think I have PTSD from chasing hounds down into the Toulomne and Merced Canyons, those bastages are no joke. If you can get a day or two off, hit the Sierras! Cherry lake, Herring creek, the Clavey river (another canyon from hell, but worth it?) If you take 108 up through Oakdale and then split off onto 120 towards Yosemite, look for forest road 3NO1 and follow it towards Jawbone ridge, that road will take you past some awesome fishing and will pop you out on 108 above Sonora in Toulomne City.