New Fly Fishing Fad!!!

Greg Armstrong

I wore one of those the first few years I fish in South East, you haven't seen jellies till you've been there.
Skiffman - the cure all office job, off the back deck, out from under the power block anti-dote to the falling jelly in the face issue.
I still wore one of those hats though. Rumor has it that it rains in Southeast...


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I've seen surf fishers in San Francisco wearing these on the beach. They weren't wearing anything BUT these, unfortunately. I didn't stick around to see what they were fishing for (I think they may have been trolling) and I darned sure didn't go see what kind of rod they were using.


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We need not be exposed to you exposing your fetishes, show some restraint!
It is a proven fact that skinny jeans are much safer in the event of a dunking. And, I don't think it's nice to make fun of OMJ's part time retirement gig... good paying jobs in MT are hard to come by ;).
Ah yes fishing style. Been around forever. It is nothing new.

Does seem a bit goofy at times.

I like any really nice, fishing designed article, as long as it serves my purposes and keeps me warm or cool or whatever. I mostly wear Simms. It isn't to look cool, it is because I like the quality, reliability, and usefulness.