River Safety & Navigation Course

Not sure if any of you can make it north of the border in May but a guy on there who is now a paramedic, who has a lot of experience as a guy who trained whitewater guides previously for many years (and who likes to fish), is putting on a hardcore course aimed at mainly pontoon boat anglers who really want to learn the in's and out's of how to drift rivers: http://forum.flybc.ca/index.php?showtopic=47624

It will be on the Nicola River, which is a Thompson River Tributary, and it is considered a "good class 2 plus" for teaching at that time.
I don't see why your average commercial rafting outfit wouldn't put a pontoon type of course on, on an as needed basis? You would probably have to muster a few buddies together to make it worth their while but I don't see why not?

Chilliwack River Rafting (Chilliwack, BC, on the Chilliwack River obviously) has been putting these on for years, on an as needed basis. So some buddies and I got a group together and took the course (1 day, about 4-5 hours) with the owner/head instructor Russ
Brown last September. It was a big confidence builder for us and a lot of fun, on top of learning some valuable tips and insight.

Anyways, we were looking at setting up another one this year with Russ to do some different stuff (like upside down frame entrapment drills) and were having some casual discussions on the flybc.ca forum and one of the guys on the forum, who is a newer fly angler, and also a former whitewater guide who used to train whitewater guides for years for a big whitewater outfit previous (and is now a paramedic) said he would love to put one on - something a little more comprehensive, and complete that dives into the details a little bit more with a different style/flavour. The big issue was finding liability insurance. Also, another issue is this course is 2 days. He said he couldn't go less than 2 days as he feels that is the amount of time he wants to put into teaching the course.

During CRR course we were in our own pontoons wearing wetsuits, helmets & PFD's and Russ was coaching us as we went down river stopping us every so often to give us some instruction, as well as giving us pointers as we floated on how to manage ourselves - he made a point to watch each of us oar our crafts. We also did flip some flip & recovery drills as well.

Anyways, the course above, on top of going into detail on certain aspects, will be on a raft or cataraft with a coach beside you telling you what to do, instructing you as you go. And if you're not rowing, you'll also be in the raft or cataraft listening and enjoying the ride so you'll always be learning. I'm also guessing there will be some pre-demonstration type instruction as well. I'm pretty excited to attend.
The flybc.ca website is presently down for some reason. Details will be posted as soon as it is back up. Anyways, the just is the final dates are May 17th and 18th with an optional 3rd day (which I speculate may be swift water rescue type component). The cost is $425 CDN. The cost includes camping at Kumsheen resort on the Thompson, Use of their Hot Tub, Pool, Lunches, & Rafting Equipment. Two full comprehensive days training on the river aimed at Pontoon boat, Cataraft, Raft, and Drift Boat Anglers who want to up their game. Hopefully the website is up soon.