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What Happened to Malaysia Flight 370?

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This is becoming more of a head scratcher everyday. Pretty amazing that no trace of a 777 aircraft is found after 10 days. With all the satellite coverage, constantly capturing information and imagery, one would think there would be something by now. What do you think happened?


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Flying the middle of the night doesn't help when it comes to visual eyewitnesses and satellites (especially if nobody was actively searching). Initially thought that the plane suffered some catastrophic incident mid flight. With information now that radar tracked it altering flight path along a commercial corridor, along with the shut down of onboard tracking systems... Sure looks more and more like a planned event. Owing to the difficulty in finding suitable landing sites for something that big, one can conclude that the plane was ditched in the ocean somewhere in the Indian Ocean.
Here's the weird thing: We now know that it flew 7+ hrs without duress - after it was "lost" on radar.

By the time the international community knew it was missing, they all could have all been having tea and crumpets in Europe.

Kyle Smith

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Now The New York Times is saying that the autopilot was programmed to turn away from the Beijing corridor. To me this suggests that whichever pilot set the computer to do this was anticipating a tussle from the other pilot. The passengers would've never known anything was up, until they saw the pilots fighting (assuming here). Then I assume that the massive altitude changes were to incapacitate the pissed off passengers. So scary, and I pray that those people are alive.


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Here's the weird thing: We now know that it flew 7+ hrs without duress - after it was "lost" on radar.

By the time the international community knew it was missing, they all could have all been having tea and crumpets in Europe.
Correction. We can logically conclude that it flew 7+ hrs mostly through uncontrolled air space.
As to the people who voted that the plane was hijacked, landed and is currently hidden...
The pilot had 18,000 hrs of flight time, and a full flight simulator (homemade) in his basement. They are looking to see why... Hmm
They are also saying that he has had that sim for years and brings in the neighbor kids to show them how to fly. (Which sounds pretty cool to me, assuming his intentions we actually pure at heart.)

It really confused me since the beginning why they would search for a crash site for that long in the original search area. Everyone knows that 777 is meant to fly longer segments. I really don't think it would be that hard to realize that it wasn't there and had flown away. This comes back to the Malaysian FAA (w.e. It's called) for not releasing more information earlier. The fear of the reaction of a stolen pray crippled their response to the investigation.

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I've thought for years that SAC had enough "eyes in the air" to observe and track nearly every bird in the sky, pretty much all over the world. Either I've given them too much credit, or they don't want others to know badly enough that mums the word. Diego Garcia isn't terribly far to the West. Rumor has it we fly there. With the munitions and black birds kept there you can bet your a** there is also a sophisticated long and short range radar system.
I can't imagine they could fly a 777 over those countries without being observed. And, a 777 flying South over the Indian Ocean had to look strange to our military on DG.

Chad Lewis

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I believe such a hijack is possible. Given a decent bankroll and years to prepare an organization could pull this off. I certainly don't know if that's what happened. I pray for the passengers no matter what happened.


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A computer dweeb hacker directed the plane to Diego Garcia, and the U.S. Navy can't figure out what to do about it, so they're covering it up, figuratively and literally. Yep, zat's fer shure.
It will be interesting to see how this plays out. So many unknowns. Your heart has to go out to the victims and their families. There is still a small thread of hope they are alive. Terrorism is such a terrible thing.

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Sounds like green beer tawkin Salmo.
I don't know the terrorist mind set any more than anyone here. But it just seems like if it was terrorists, they wouldn't want the plane to disappear. I'd think they would want something to gloat over. I hold out hope the plane is under camo somewhere and the passengers may be put up for display and then ransom. Not likely maybe, but possible.

Jim Wallace

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I just read that the plane was taken up to 45,000 feet right after it turned off course. If the passenger cabin were depressurized then, and if the emergency oxygen masks supply was cut off, at that altitude the passengers would have passed out within about 15 seconds. That could have happened before any of the passengers suspected anything was amiss. Hence the utter lack of cell phone calls from the plane.


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Turning off the telemetry is not a simple or trivial task. The other pilot would notice. I remember it being something like sixteen-screens and inputs just to get to the defaults. If they throttled back they could stay on for a lot of hours but when they got to India or some of the other countries, even at low altitudes they would have been picked up on military radar (that what the defense goys look for - a ship without a transponder). Seems to me like ditching or heading to a cooperative, sovereign landmass with at least a couple hundred miles of coast are the only options.

Then a big runway and big hanger would be need to hide the bird from sat coverage. We need to watch Craigslist for a used Boeing trip-seven for sale.