Occupy skagit should have been postponed

i am sure its too late but in light of the mudslide on the NF I am surprised no one suggested postponing the protest. I just got to the dock so I couldn't till now. Perhaps others dont feel this way but being from Darrington it just does not seem like a CR season is something we should be worring about this weekend.


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Hi Bob,

I just got back from up there at Occupy Skagit II and we all respect what you and your friends and family are going through. We honored the minute of silence at 10:37am and collected money to donate to victims and families of the Oso slide. There are some pictures on Facebook and we had a reporter and photographer from the Skagit Herald. A couple of the guys who came to the event had lost friends and shared their stories with us.

I hope you didn't lose any friends or family and know that we're keeping you and your communities in our thoughts.

Take care,
I admit: I bailed. The weather forecast, plus the rain pounding on my window last night, persuaded me to take the path of the summer soldiers. It's too late for a postponement, but perhaps not for a do-over. I don't think that deference to the Oso slide is a reason: life has to go on. OTOH, news reporters who might have covered the event in Rockport today may still be busy around Oso for a while. The stream closure remains a live issue until the end of April, which used to be the end of the spring c&r season.
Thanks for that info Bill, I wasn't trying to insult anyone , just still in shock about the whole thing for the moment. One side note about news people. At the school bus stop at bennetville(just that area by the reservation) a newsperson from dateline NBC stopped and asked a 7 year old girl "what do you think it will be like to not have some of the kids in your class now?" This was witnessed by a friends wife who was waiting there with the girl... ghouls and vultures... at least the worst of them are. My wife is flying home in a few days and our oldest daughter warned her if she stopped in town to be prepared to be accosted by news people..never have understood why someone would want to do that for a living. I imagine most are doing their job with some dignity, too bad they cant weed out the lowlifes