Rocky Ford report


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I've been away for...let's just say quite some time. Had a Monday off so went for a quick day trip to the Ford. Got there about 10:30, had to leave by 3:30. Not much has changed since I last fished it maybe 8 or 9 years ago. I got burned out on the Ford since the fish seem like zombies and without the lower section it's a little tight.
Anyway, glad I forgot about all that stuff and went for it. Got lucky and got a nice 18-19" bow in the first 10 minutes on a #18 blue-olive emerger. And the fish actually fought!
It then got really still and bright so things got a bit slow. Ate lunch and hit it down by the bridge. Cracks me up the bridge is closed, apparently for safety reasons? Anyone remember the old 2x12 bridge? Ha! The new one is like overkill.
Anyway, saw some tanks charge a couple Calibaetis in the current below the bridge. Tried a #14 Hare's Ear and did the crazy calibaetis thing. Missed 3 fish. I think 2 small guys, but one was a truck for sure. That one hurt.
I crossed the "overpass" and tried the straight just upstream. Got a 15-16" feeder right away on a very sparse #14 olive Hare's ear. Here we go! Got 2 more in the 13-14" range from the same spot. Lots of big guys feeding down by the corner before the bridge. As soon as it was available I moved down. I told myself, "gotta go in 15 minutes, get some casts in". Nice 21-22" absolutely inhaled the Hare's ear and put up a great fight. What a way to end my short stay!
So a great day all in all. Wished I could have stayed for the dusk leech assault, but I'll take 5 fish on a bright, still day.
The dudes trying to catch fish that can obviously see them always cracks me up.
Cool to see 2 different parties of father and son. Well done!
Great report! I too love seeing the father and son fishing. Only part I hate is when the father is so into his fishing he neglects his son at learning.

That is normally when I walk over and atart talking and give a friendly talking of advice and then watch the kid, beat his dad out on fish to the bank!