Glacier National Park, grand teton and yellow stone travel

Good morning, I am planning to travel for 1 week to 10 days in June to Montana to the whitefish and glacier national park area and i would like to ask if anyone has any recommendations for some good fishing streams, lakes and so forth, the trip is mostly for fishing. :D with 1 day of business

What is some good flies to use in this region? dry flys? wet flys? nymphs? streamer?

My trip to Teton national park and Yellowstone is in August it will be 14 to 21 days and mostly for fishing with 1 day of business. :D

In these 2 parks what is good to use for Flies? dry,wet? nymphs? streamers?

Well i'm going to those areas for a vacation and 2 to look for suitable housing so i can fish more, Also i told a 23 year old disabled girl i knew from Kentucky she could go with us so we can have a adventure so the summer is planned with fishing, camping and hiking as well as 1 to 2 theme parks in the area. :D

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Well I don't know how close you will make it to idaho but there are some pretty good rivers over there!!
Glacier Nat. Park is not particularly famous for fishing, although of course it has smaller streams and lakes. The main Flathead River and its North and South Forks are famous cutthroat trout streams, but they'll probably be high and discolored in June. I think there are guides that float them. The Blackfoot Indian reservation, just east of the park, has some great trout lakes, but I'm not sure about guide service.

The other two parks have a lot more to offer fly fishermen in August. Guides float the Snake River, full or half days, through Jackson Hole. And guides float the Madison below Yellowstone N. P. and guide walk-in trips to many streams and lakes in the park. Contact the fly shops in Jackson and West Yellowstone.


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Great fishing in that area. There are the forks of the Flathead right there and the Kootnei and Elk rivers are close too......great fishing on the way over too. Lakes to die for on the Blackfoot res. and other great ones that don't get fished much in the area, grayling too! Lake Whitefish run up the Main Flathead in the early winter with some lake trout. There is are a couple of good guidebooks for Montana and some flyshops in the area.


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Glacier and the surrounding area will probably be in runoff in June; here's the current snowpack

All that blue is great for keeping the fire threat down this the summer; not so good if you want to fish moving water. Your best options would be stillwaters, of which some good ones have been mentioned. If you gotta fish, give the folks at Lakestream, in Whitefish, a call; Rob Wieker runs a good shop. Stumptown Anglers is okay, too.