Texas Redfish

Planning to spend some time along the Gulf Coast towards Corpus Christi in mid-May. Hoping to arrange a day looking for Redfish. Found several fly fishing guide services on the internet but any personal recommendations will be appreciated.

John P.
I have done this a couple times, and it is about as fun as anything I've ever tried. But, my fishing results were mercilessly unsuccessful. I went once in New Orleans and once in South Texas, and we saw a lot of fish both days, but had very few strikes. I loved it though, and can see how it would get very addicting. The casting can be challenging, and you really want a sunny, windless day. We had bad weather both times (bracketed by sunny, windless days...!). That said, I really enjoyed my Texas guide- this is the guy.

Doublebluff -

Thanks for your response. I recognize the web site among those I've looked at.

I 've read articles about the challenges of this fishery - windy days, patience to find willing fish, accuracy of a quick cast to 65 ft. - so I'm anxious to give it a try. Wish me luck!!

John P.
Well, I'm posting a follow up of my try for Texas Redfish with the hope that someone else searching the forum for Redfish advise can benefit from my experience. I fished with Capt. Eric out of Rockport. I opted for a half day but given the conditions, my stubborn willingness to keep at it, and Eric wanting to see me land at least one we stayed out for most of the day.

Everything I read about this fishery was spot on. The steady wind out of the Gulf made accurate casting without spooking the fish very challenging. However, the most difficult part, like doublebluff mentioned above, was the steady in and out of the sun. Without sun on the water, spotting cruising fish was almost impossible and tailing fish not much better.

One thing I quickly learned was to cast to where Eric called out (3 o'clock, 10 o'clock, etc.) without looking for the fish first. If I did, with the wind and skiff movement, I might be too late to put the fly in the right spot. A cast too close would spook the fish and it would be quickly gone.

We saw one school bunch of about 15 tailing fish that drew one follow. Both Eric and I expected a grab but it turned away when the rest of school bolted for some reason.

So that's my report. A fun day with plenty of excitement but no landed Redfish for me.

John P.


MA-9 Beach Stalker
You'll get one landed next time. I was very lucky with the weather last December fishing for New Orleans redfish. What a blast and the reds are huge! Thanks for the report.

Jim Darden

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I liked the DIY version, I waded the shell banks off Mustang Island and thought the fishing was great.....just like stalking bonefish.....