Fishing from a sit on-top kayak in the salt, tell me...

Just curious, what do you wear? Waders? Kayak specific gear? I've fished from a yak a few times but it's always been nice out so I just wear general out doors clothes. But during other seasons rainy etc what do you sport?

Chris Bellows

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dress for immersion. waders and a decent dry-top at a minimum for any of the fishing in the strait i did since cold water would likely kill me if i lost contact with my kayak. a good pfd is also highly recommended (there are high back kayak specific ones that are comfy).
Thanks for that info, that's the part I've always wondered about...what if I went in, what would extend my time for survival etc.


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I always dress for immersion, period. This means that you are always dresses for the water temperature. And since this doesn't vary much (in the salt) from winter to summer, this means your minimum clothing shouldn't either. I wear a Kokatat paddling suit (as opposed to full dry suit) most of the time and can add layers for colder air temps if needed.

However, on really hot summer days, I find I am more comfortable in a WET wetsuit. The wetsuit will protect you from immersion and getting it wet, and keeping it wet, cools you through evaporative cooling.