Fly fishing in alaska

Hey guys,
I'm going to be in Alaska for work this summer. I have never fly fished in cold waters. I am from Florida and I do a lot of fly fishing down here. I need some advice on gear and flies etc. I have an 8wt setup I'm bringing with me with wf8f line. As for flies,I have all tropical flies(mullet,clousers,shrimp and crab flies).

What kind of fly line do I need?
What kind of flies do I need?

I am going to be on a boat traveling the Alaska coastline up to anchorage I believe. Our captain Is an Alaskan local and will be able to put me on fish,however he does not fly fish. Fish I will be targeting on fly will be mostly king salmon and some other salmon.

Any advice or input would be fantastic!
Thanks in advance


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The striper full sink line from rio is a good cold water line from a boat
Clousers will do well in olive over white , purple over black, hot pink and purple etc
Have a good trip

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you might want to find out what the "other" salmon are going to be. pinks? silvers? will make a difference in fly choice as these will be the fish you will be focused on catching since feeding kings in the saltwater can be extremely difficult to catch on a cast fly.
Depends on where you are going. There are many places in Alaska, unfortunately, where you cannot fish for Kings now. I'd check out the Sockeye and Silvers.


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I lived in AK for 26 yrs and used an 8wt for just about everything except kings. Picking flies for use in AK for trout is pretty simple - flies that look like fish,flesh, or eggs as this is what most fish up there eat. The most common fish in the coastal waters will be Dolly Varden which are easy to catch on egg or streamer patterns. There also could be cutthroat and steelhead. Steelhead fishing is best in spring and will be over by June. Kings are the first salmon to return to freshwater but in SE AK are mostly in the big rivers and are mostly caught in saltwater with bait or hardware. Sockeye are in a few systems but don't really take a fly but people have learned to catch them by the flossing technique. Pinks start showing up in July and can be so abundant that it might get boring(?). Some chums come in with pinks and some later in year. They can be a lot of fun and readily take a fly like an egg sucking leech. There are lots of small streams in SE AK, so don't be afraid to try them even if they don't have a name or look too small. Silvers are a great fish on the fly but don't start showing up in SE AK until September. Nearer to Anchorage the run timing for salmon is earlier with lots of pink and chums in July and August and silvers in August and September.