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More experimenting with spun-loop caribou.

hook - Tiemco 200 #6
thread - UTC 140 hot orange
hot spot/egg sac - thread
tail - elk hair
abdomen - caribou
ribbing - tying thread
body hackle - brown (downsize by 2)
wing - elk hair
front hackle - grizzly
thorax - peacock

start thread (set aside a length for ribbing) at 70% and wrap back to barb

build up egg sac with thread

clean, stack, measure (gap width) a clump of elk; tie in at front of sac, jam wraps to flare tail

wrap butts along shank up to 70%; trim, tie in rib and wrap back to sac

create loop; wax

cover tail with tape so it doesn't get trimmed with the body

insert a hefty clump of caribou in the clip, cut away from hide

insert in the loop, release from clip; spin (the baby formula mixer worked great)

wrap body, pack it tight; tie off thread and trim

trim body

re-attach thread, tie in hackle

spiral hackle through body to sac, capture tip with rib, then continue rib to front; tie off rib, trim hackle and rib

clean, stack, measure (even with tail) another clump of elk; tie in, cover butts with thread

tie in front hackle

tie in peacock, wrap thorax

wrap hackle through thorax, tie off, half hitch x 2, SHHAN