Machined Large Arbor reel & spool, 8 weight

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Richard E

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Bass Pro sold it for a very short while under the "Conservtionist" name (this is the #3 size), until Bauer sued Bass Pro over patent issues and Bass Pro quite selling the reel. The reel is still being sold and marketed in Europe, Australia, etc., but not in the US (Bauer country).

This is a machined, gloss black, large arbor reel that copies the Bauer to the extent even the cork drag surface has the water grooves in it (yep, it has the cork/FXB drag like the Bauer). The spools are removed just like the Bauer. It even has zebrawood handles like the Bauer McKenzie and higher series. It has an arbor more like the Bauer MX series, which is a slightly larger arbor than the McKenzie and MSL series.

This a great steelhead/salmon/bonefish/striper reel.

You know what Bauers cost. I am selling both the reel and the spool for $150, which is less than what you would pay for a comparably-sized Bauer MSL spool only! The reel and spool are in great condition.

Contract me directly at I live in Seattle.


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