Killer day today :)

Caught a grip of fish today on small 3/4" to 1" fry patterns. (the epoxy style I posted in another thread and a chum baby variation.) The action was hot before sun rise, but then after sun rise fish were rising to something (anyone have an idea what that could be? I saw nothing obvious on the water surface and I took a good hard look) but the small chum fry imitations were mainly ignored. I fished a small portion of the incoming and took one more fish before I left to go home. Saw two eagles get into it and one landed near me on the beach I also saw a rather large Sea Lion. Altogether it was a beautiful day out and I got rid of my skunk today! :D Saw a few schools of Chum fry but nothing near what I've seen elsewhere where there were no fish (at least not on the end of my line). ;).

Loving this weather!
Some observations from today - they are basic but still...

I visited another spot today at the late outgoing tide, a spot that is basically my main SRC spot...action was slooooooowwwwww. Nothing like the previous spot I reported on above. I wonder what the deal is?

My guess is that the tide exchange wasn't extreme enough (for this spot). I usually do well on a drastic tide drop but the exchange today was just around 6.5ft thus slow moving. So, maybe the food wasn't being directed towards specific areas due to the lack of current? Who knows??? Had a great day either way.
Sweet deal Alexander! I am happy for you and hopefully this is a portent of things to come. I am going to be out early this week, probably on the Kayak but not sure yet. I hope your luck is contagious!
Good to hear iam trying a new beach Monday hopefully have the same results, off topic but have you ever noticed a difference on full moons?
I've never paid attention to fish catching results and full moon. But I do hear opinions on both side of the "full moon fishing" argument. Some say it's the best time others say don't even bother throwing a line. I wonder what the night fishing Brown Trout guys say about it.?
Alexander I witnessed what you mentioned in another thread the other day: tons of fry but no fish around to eat them.
I was wondering one thing though and thought I'd ask here, what causes all the fry to jump and flit around on the surface like they do? Where I was fishing they seemed to be doing it constantly within 6 feet of shore. It looked like the activity of a bait ball, but I'm pretty sure there were no fish around reading them. Anyone have an idea of why they do this?
Thanks for the report btw.

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Yea I would have to say mixed result uncertain for me on the moon, same thing was going on at the beach I was fish but they weren't targeting them, did get some on a top water squid pattern
Cutthroat aren't the only predator out there. Bullheads, or Cabezon, will be actively be pursuing the fry from below. If the fry are being ignored by cutthroat try a crab spawn imitation fished dead drift or very slow retrieve.