Pass Lake Sunday & Marathon

Ron Olsen

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Hey Pass Lake locals: Planning to wet a line at Pass Sunday, for the first time in about 15 years. Used to fish there in the 60's & 70's. But noticed the Whidbey Marathon starts essentially right at the parking lot. We plan to arrive 10:15 or so. Think there will parking issues?

Thanks, Ronbow
I will be heading out to pass tomorrow as well, we will be getting there early!! it will be my first time attempting to fish with chromiods so watch out!! I will be the super tall guy in the green Colorado xt pontoon boat if you want to say hi.


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Theres already 10+ honey buckets in the parking lot, they are getting ready for tomorrow. Highway 20 will be closed 7:15-7:45 AM tomorrow

Ron Olsen

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So we gave up and went to Lone. Forgot, however, about the Sunday ferry line:eek:. That was 90 minutes well spent. :(

But Lone was good to us with fish 19" to 20" on chironomids in 16'. Best 12 to 2 when there was a little wind chop. Gad those fish are well fed! Got to try out the new Voyager, nice boat and very compact. Needs a second side bag, I understand they will be available in May.



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I'll take 90 minutes any day. ;)
Three hour wait for the ferry on Saturday evening due to a clutch failure issue per a ferry employee.