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A dye-job if I've ever seen one. In larger sizes, it'd make a passable golden drake; I've only seen that fly once, on a river in western MD where there aren't supposed to be any (don't think it lasted 2 seconds when it hit the water).

hook - Mustad 94840 #12
thread - UTC 140 hopper yellow
tail - hackle fibers yellow
abdomen - stripped hackle quill dyed yellow
thorax/pfd - butts from wing
wing - deer hair dyed yellow

mash barb, tie in thread at point a bit more than one hook eye width back from front

clean and stack a real good-sized clump of deer hair; measure for length (hook shank)

trim butts, 2 soft loops (adjust position if needed to keep it from creeping too far forward); pull firmly, flare it, spin it

wrap thread to point above barb; make a little thread bump

measure a clump of hackle fibers (hook shank); tie in tight against the bump to set the flare and angle

strip all the fibers off of a hackle, moisten and tie in

wrap quill forward, tie off, trim and brush with Sally; came up just a bit short, so I filled in with a little dubbing

return thread to initial wing tie-in, push deer hair back with finger; should be a 360 dispersal

pull hair back and create a thread dam (got a bit of hair creep forward, but it'll work); half hitch x 2, SHHAN

trim hair on underside

done dun