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Sorta/kinda like Clarence Robert's Yellow Drake; tied here as a March Brown. A number of flies attributed to the Michigan tying community (fertile ground, yes?) utilize this style of body. Original called for pheasant tail fibers for the tail and white deer hair for the wing; I subbed moose for the tail for a bit more durability, and Congo Hair for the post to retain my sanity (the few attempts I made with the deer were quickly razor bladed off the hook).

hook - TMC 5212 #12
thread - Uni 6/0 camel
tail - moose mane
body - deer hair
wing - Congo Hair
hackle - grizzly dyed brown (oversize by 1)

mash barb, start thread at 70% mark (reference point for wing); wrap back to point above barb

clean, stack, measure (hook shank) some moose mane; tie in, trim butts and smooth with thread

invert hook, tie in a hank of Congo Hair on the underside (optional; you can tie it in on top, just experimenting here)

un-invert hook, pull CH up and post it; a little Super Glue at the base helps lock it in place

tie in hackle, shiny side facing out

back on it's back; clean, stack, measure (tips should extend to the back of the bend) a clump of deer hair

2 soft loops in front of the wing post, slowly apply/release/apply tension and let the hair surround the hook shank (don't let go or it'll spin - you don't want that)

take a wrap behind the post, then continue back at intervals determined with mathematical precision; at that last segment, give the wrap a firm pull to flare the tips

return wrap back to the front

trim butts, smooth with thread wraps

wind hackle down the post; let it hang over the far side and trap with thread wraps at the base of the post

half hitch at the front, trim hackle tip

trim post to length, SHHAN