Springers/Steelhead in May?

Hello all. I took a trip to the Kalama/Lewis area in April 2012 and swung a little for Steel with no luck and then ended in the Lewis and caught a nice springer on gear. My father is coming in town late May and I would love to get him out with a guide of good reputation and get him into some of these spring anadromous fish.

Any info would be much appreciated (guide reference or outfit)? We would be willing to be out on the salt as well if needed. Would much rather swing some flies though :)

Thanks in advance!

John Hicks

Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits
John Duma at Firstwater Guide.253-549-3400

Gear guide, but you are going after springers after all.

And he will know what rivers are open or closed.


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Late May the Lower Columbia may open back up for Chinook, but yesterday was the last day below Bonneville. Both the Lewis and the Kalama are currently closed to retention of Chinook by emergency closure earlier in the year. (surprise!)