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zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
They came home to dine. I left them with my fishing buddy as my wife may have do do a "grandma" run at any moment. A new Seattle grandson is imminent. I didn't want to bring fish home and find out I was eating alone.

Vladimir Steblina

Retired fishing instead of working
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Today seems a bit windy where yesterday was a very light wind.[/quote]

Ok....remind me to fish with you when it is ONLY dead calm. I did not go outside the house today!!! Nice sunny day,warm, blue sky and winds of 25 MPH!!!
Was it the namesake local lake? I hear the walleye are pretty shallow in there. Always figured it could be done with a fly rod in the spring.
On a side note: Hey Zen, did you see where WDFW did an emergency action today, opening the section of Rufus Woods from the bridge up to the dam back up for the first time since 9/11. I used to get a lot of big walleye as bycatch there while swinging for big bows and kokanee. It will be interesting to see if it's what it resembled before the closure.