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Hi David,
I'm still planning on attending. I'd like to thank you in advance for stepping up and doing the leg work to get this together.
Best regards,

David Loy

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Gary, not sure. There was fair interest a month back. I expect some of those are still coming and will chime in this weekend or next week as they have time. If I had to guess, maybe 15 to 20, similar to last summer but that might be a reach.
I haven't been pushing this as a dinner or eating event really, but you're welcome to bring something if you like. I know it would be tasty and appreciated. I think I'll make a dutch oven dump cake/cobbler because they're incredibly easy at a fire pit, and always a crowd pleaser. I don't have any bamboo rods to show so I'm more or less a spectator. I hope to throw a few so I know what I'm missing. I can easily bring a LARGE Weber if you (or anyone) wants to heat something up, direct or indirect.
Unfortunately I came upon a schedule conflict for the 26th, sorry but I'm not going to be able to attend this time. I'll be looking forward to what people who are interested in bamboo rods have to say about the experience. I hope the weather is great for you all.


David Loy

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I am open to postponing for a week if it fits the weather or schedules better. The park and dock is open to a South wind. Anything over 5 or 6 mph is a PITA. Once it gets to Wednesday we may evaluate the situation. The following Saturday will be in the 10 day forecast.

Greg Armstrong

I have quite a few bamboo rods and was planning on bringing some of them - but my business is calling me and I can't get off the hook on Saturday. Being in business for yourself has its perks, but sometimes...
Maybe next time.


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Am planning on coming, but am fine if you guys want to push it off a week. I've got a couple of rods I'm bringing, just my own stuff..