summer runs. What flies should I buy

No summer run box is complete without a couple muddlers. I tie mine really sparse and buggy. Muted orange dubbing body with a tiny tiny bit of twinkle to it. And natural deer hair spun pretty loosely. I tie mine on a tiemco wide gap bass hook size 12 I believe. Hitch it on the surface and enjoy what makes summer runs in warm clear flows special. Fishing in this way will teach you a lot about casting angles, tension and presentation that translates well for better sink tip fishing in the future. Can't wait.
And a big purple one to throw on a tip when it gets a little hotter than you had hoped for and the viso goes down. Or your cast goes to shit cause cold beer in the warm sun is a rare treat here in the PNW...
Do you want to catch fish or do you want to look "cool" throwing cool looking flies? If you want to catch fish, then NYMPH my dude, and NYMPH hard... Don't worry bout them haters, let the beads, copper johns, caddis larvae, scuds, San Juan worms and grhe's and the soft hackle flies do the talking. ;). By the way, you can swing any of those at the end of your drift for extra measure and get gnarly strikes. # winning!