Muzzle Loader Show and Tell

Upton O

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Thanks for the compliments and interest. My father was a good rifle maker and as a young man we worked together on many enjoyable projects. I've got a few more of his rifles and a couple of my own that I'll share another time. It's likely a Siler lock as stated although there were a few others that he used regularly. He purchased Siler lock kits and I did the final machining and hardening as required. The wood came from his friend Freddie Harrison in Tennessee (as I recall). Freddie would set aside blocks of wood. Sometimes he'd mill the barrel and ramrod channel and sometimes he wouldn't but it pretty much came as flat billet of wood (in this case curly maple). The barrel is likely a Douglas xx which was his preference but occasionally he’d use others. The butt plate is most likely a sand casting but the other brass work is all one off custom made. We didn’t have a lot of machining equipment but we were able to do most tasks including reaming and rifling. Our rifling mandril was a fixed gain twist so there was only one option but it was pretty cool although a manual operation and a great deal of work.
Beautiful works of are for sure. What caliber are they?

Alex MacDonald

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We're good to go, leaving on Thursday about mid-day. Don't know which site we're in at the Burlington KOA, but we're dragging the A-frame trailer and the hounds. Ron: Terry? Y'all making the trip? I'm 509 393-8856. Thursday we're hitting the Rockfish in Anacortes (to avoid the band!), then Friday I expect to go to the Outback Steakhouse in Burlington. I'm bringing a bottle of cheap scotch for relaxing by the trailer:cool:

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
Ron & Terry, I hope you guys decided not to go to the rendezvous. We drove into the thing twice, and saw only a handful of tents, no vendors, and nothing going on other than some people dressed up and "pretending". Very sad. So unless they had a bunch of stuff hidden away, with no directions to them, it wasn't worth wasting the gas.
Alex, After rechecking the schedule we found that the International Altantic Salmon Fly event was this past weekend and I had promised to take her there, since she ties the darn things. That was a great event, even with the $25 admission fee. I managed to buy a few things for myself and for her Ladyship, plus saw some incredible tiers from all over the world.