Lake Leo crappies bigger than ever


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I took my pram up today to check out this year's crappie population. The fish are bigger than ever and there are lots of them. I tried my 2 wt with a floating line and a 5' sink tip but there are so damned many trout in the lake right now it was hard to get down to the crappies without hooking a trout. Fortunately I had my 4wt Loomis blank that has been wrapped as a spinning rod and was able to present jigs to them down deep. But I still caught lots of trout.

If you have kids you want to get into a lot of fish you could do a lot worse than Leo. The lake has apparently been recently stocked and the trout are every where. Right now the concessionaire hasn't taken over the lake yet so fishing is free until around Memorial Day. After that there is a $5 charge to park there. At least that is what the Forest Service people told me today.

Tomorrow it's fish and chips and cold ale. As table fare Leo crappies are just superb, as sweet and crisp as any white meat fish you can find. Come on up and take some home, we have plenty.


Mark Walker

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Ooooo, that sounds like some fine dining there!
Glad to hear you got out, Ive.
Umm, you don't put peanut butter on those filets do you? :D

Jay C

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My brother in law has a cabin on Lake Thomas, down the road from Leo. I've told him about the crappie in Leo, but he has not tried it yet. I'll have to mention it to him again, thanks for the info!


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Jay C, your post makes an interesting point. Lake Thomas, just as all the other lakes in the Pend Oreille chain has crappies as well. I have heard there are big crappies in Sherry which is adjacent to Thomas but I have never fished it because it has houses around it. Most people fish those lakes for years and aren't even aware of the crappies presence. Using a bobber the size of a 250 watt light bulb and a night crawler the size of a small garter snake will most likely never trick a crappie.

I often ask people fishing those lakes if they have caught any crappie and I usually get one of three answers: "no", "are there crappie in here?" and "what's a crappie?" They will take home mush fleshed planter trout that have spent their entire lives eating dog food and leave behind some of the very best fresh water fish flesh. That's why I say come up and take some home. They are in no danger of being overharvested at this point.