Kachess Lake Access?

I have never fished Kachess before and I was wondering if I could access the lake from one of the forest service roads without having to pay to use the campground? It looks like the road is very close to the lake in several spots, but I know all to well how much maps can be deceiving. I have a lightweight canoe
(53 pounds) that I can carry a short distance that I am hoping to take there if it's feasible.

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Not sure but the lake trout will hang higher in the water column when it is right at 50 degrees before they head deep...ie presumably round now. got a friend who fishes Lake Cle Elum a bunch with rapalas round now. When the reservoir is real low, he's found some neat spear and arrow points up there...Have fun, watch the wind, it can get really pumping and a light canoe in windy chop could be a huge pain in the ass
There is a place to launch your canoe on the north side. Go to Google Earth you can see the road cut through the trees and someone posted a pic at or near the launch.
I finally found some intel yesterday, there is apparently a pull out about half way to the campground that has shore access. I might check it out this weekend if I have time.


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Has any checked the snow level. I have an unconfirmed report of logging roads above Salmon la Sac still have 3-4 feet of snow on them in the shade.