While some of you are targeting big fish...

I took the clan to a local pier/dock and went after tiny perch... :D. Tied some tiny flies that looked like sparkly chironomids and fished them in the salt and caught some perch, some src and even a few baby chums, (I think). We were just dapping off the pier, kids were having a blast.

Few observations. Saw a large baitball of what I assumed were chum fry. Then saw smaller schools of fry but larger in size about two inches or so and saw other schools of fry a little fatter and over two inches. Their backs flashing a blueish tint in the sun light. There were all sorts of fish everywhere and the src's weren't shy.

Interesting to see various stages of fry in the same location in the salt, also looked like the various schools generally were matched in size, very interesting to me. I wonder if these were also chum fry or if they are other fry of the salmon kind. Interesting to me that larger ones that were caught about 5" or a bit bigger had large parr marks on them. None of us handled the fish so we did not look for the orange slash. All fish were released with little hassle other then the tiny tussle they put up with the exception of a perch my son caught and dropped on the pier... :D. It ended up falling between the cracks after many attempts to pick it up... Fun fun fun. The girls were laughing and he was trying to act like he knew what he was doing.... Lol - good times, the only boy among three sisters.