Inexpensive 9ft. 3wt. Needed

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I don't own a light, 3 or 2 weight rod and I would like to acquire one. Got some trade bait.
Caddis inner tube with three fins.
Cabelas 5mm neopreme waders with boots. Great shape. XXL
9ft. Fennwick gear rod that will chuck a duck a mile.
Own some really nice long range Penn casting reels plus some bait casting reels Shimano and Garcia) that are awesome.
Drop me a PM if you have any nibbles for 'em.


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bob- I dont have anything to offer you but, i did just purchase a TFO 7'6" 3wt for $90 and i like it so far. I havent had a chance to fish it yet but in the lawn casting i have done im very happy with it so far. just a thought. if you want you can check them out you can do so here: :thumb

Bill Douglas

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I've been looking at the TFO series 1 rods as well. I'm definitely looking for "bang-for-the-buck" right now as I'm on a tight budget. Does anyone else have any feedback on them?

Edit: DISREGARD. I'm a moron. It dawned on me to do a search and found more info than I could read.

Richard E

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7 feet 6 inches, Bob, not 6 feet! And, it's TFO (Temple Fork Outfitters) who makes it, Cabela's happens to sell it.

A rod for $90, with an unconditional lifetime warranty, is a screaming deal. These are great rods for the money. I have one from each level/line of rod offered by TFO.



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bob, sorry i am 2 weeks late , my computer was in the hospital. check out i just ordered a 10 ft. 6 wt which should arrive any day. gave them the wiggle test at the big horn show and they felt nice. i would like to have a tfo and an ordella sise by side to cast and really see which was the best.
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