Dave scadden- Madison River

Hi everyone,

About a year ago I was handed down a scadden Madison river and am curious what(if I decide to go through with it) I might sell it for. I have only used it maybe 5 times but the previous owner did patch it quite a bit. Frame is in good shape and it had never lost air when inflated. Boat has been inflated for over three months and only goes low with cold weather. Not sure If I want to sell it but could also be interested in trading for something I will use more. Any thoughts on its worth would be appreciated. I will try to get photos of the patches uploaded by the weekend as well.

Thanks everyone.


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Also the platform you see there was a crappy DIY the the previous owner made and was sharp near the back of your waders. I removed it and it is now stock without a platform. Has composite oars and oar rights. One oar blade has a chip in it.

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I agree with papafish...$200,,maybe 250, IF you can find that ONE guy who is local to you. Not sure where you live, waters you fish or other boats you have, but with those oars it should scoot right along on lakes and easy rivers. I would just keep it , maybe as a backup or taking a friend along
Well my other boat is a 14' canoe and tends to get used a hell of a lot more since none of my friends own their own toon. So right now throwing around the idea of a framed fishing raft. Just seeing what I might get for this if that was the case. Thanks for the ideas to all of you. Also if anyone else has a different opinion feel free to let me know.

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That looks to be the bladderless version of the madison, as I don't see the zipper lines on the top and the black tips are on that one. It is basically the same thing as the skykomish sunrise but the toons are only 9' instead of 10' or 10'6". That is a decent pontoon and should be priced comparably to the sunrise, discounted of course for the smaller toon length and lack of casting platform. Of course, that is just my opinion.