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A little different look that the Splitsville. Downwing, front-to-back hacklestacker; it'll ride low on the water.

hook - Dai Riki 305 #14
thread - MFC 8/0 olive
abdomen - 1mm foam olive
hackle post/indicator - 1mm foam orange
wing - deer hair
feelers - Krystal Flash rootbeer
hackle - grizzly dyed olive
thorax - dubbing olive

mash barb; start thread at 70% mark and wrap back to bend

tie in foam strip; wrap abdomen

tie in post/indicator

clean, stack, measure (gap width past bend) a clump of deer hair; tie in, trim butts

tie in hackle at base of post

tie in feelers

half hitch thread, flip fly over and attach weighted hackle pliers to foam strip

wrap hackle down post (thorax length), then back to base; tie off hackle and trim

dub thread, dub thorax; finish at base of wing

pull hackle back; tie down

half hitch x 2, SHHAN; trim indicator and feelers

not sure my eyes can spot that little bit of orange foam, so here's one with 2mm x 2mm foam post/indicator (head's a little bigger, but that's the tradeoff for visibility)



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