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Jeremy Floyd

fly fishing my way through life
In an attempt at not throwing this info into the people faces who are calling it a half pounder, I have this to say as politely as i possibly can.

Half Pounders in my experience from Oregon and California are the chromest of the chrome. It is not uncommon for them to have mostly clear fins. The reason I was taught for them being so chrome is simply that they leave and enter the river all season, to feed wherever it is easiest to eat.

I am not saying you guys are wrong and it is completely possible that was/is one, but my vote from my personal experience would lean towards calling that a resident rainbow based on it's appearance.

Evan Virnoche

yah if anything i was the idiot who posted the thread prematuerly before seeing the fish, so it is my fault i jumped the gun for that i apologize.

Seriously look at a year ago when we first linked up, you had no idea about spey rods, you had no fucking idea what holding water looked like, you had no boat and really no clue.

1 year later in the first week of the season you have hooked two fish, that first one was absolute pig fucking steelhead not to mention two outings both resulting in fish (thats a hell of alot more than last year), you now have an idea what water to fish and what holding water is, you can chuck a spey rod pretty darn good for only 10 months of casting, you have a boat that you can take with you now accessing water that most people cant. you have definetly come along way brohamski not to mention your not a tightwad asshole fly fisherman.

So in a nutshell what im saying is your doing things right. continue sticking to your guns of swinging up a steely because it will happen soon, while my faggy ass is tying on a yarnie and bead