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I love that spoon dangling from that fish's mouth; it even looks like one of the el cheapo spoons. Seems like a good mix of hatchery and wild to me. You can tell there's a decent number of hatchery fish near the end. Looks a little like a certain WA river.
Hey guys, Thanks for the positive reviews of the steelhead piece. Not a lot of story there, just a lot of fish. We did not see a lot of hatchery fish that day. The river had received a ton of fishing pressure last winter since the Methow was running hot, as you all know well.
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We swam the day after closing and filmed for about an hour. Very heartening to see a legit school of steelies after years of seeing and filming one or two at a time. I'm surprised none of you spotted the hog Bull Trout at 55 seconds. Take a look, he's a freakin' bruiser. Also a corkie is visible in the last scene still doing it's job after being lost.
It looks like the link is busted so here's a link to the piece.


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I saw that corky hanging out in the middle of nowhere. Almost looks like you guys were fishing while filming, but I figured that wasn't the case.

Upon seeing that big bull, I figured it was the river mentioned above. Call me old fashioned, but I feel nervous naming rivers like this, especially when there's a school of wild steelhead, a landmark, and a big bull involved. Not blaming any of those that do, though...
I subscribe to the FB page- no secret when it's plainly posted there for all to see ;)
I saw the big bull trout when I first watched it- love those fish a ton!


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Great shots. Really makes me wonder what the fish are like in my local spots. Amazing to think that some of those have been around for a number of years through quite a few battles. Kind of like gear-mouth there ;)

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