Silver Grey P.T. 3/0

Thanks guys !!!!

Pat, good question. A built wing is built in layers like a roof, instead of all the slips married together in one wing it has sections layered one on top of the other, overlapping but still visible. This one the colored turkey slips are layered under the the main wing of kori and florican
bustard and GP tail. The hackle is silver badger.

Sorry about that Kelvin !!! Don't know what I was thinking ??? I'll try to get only four wraps on the next one, thanks buddy !!! :)

Gene, silver badger is quite common, or are you just pulling my leg ??? Here's a photo of it in case you haven't seen it. DSCN3388.JPG


I've used a lot of dark and light badger (brown) for streamers but have honestly never seen the silver badger feathers before. I have no idea why not. Guess I've never tied a pattern that called for us of the feather.