Nice Sea Times piece

Great story that is told by many of us who inherit things from our relatives. I have a Winchester fly reel from my dad. It was free when you bought a rifle. It doesn't look like much, the clicker doesn't work anymore, and the paint is chipping off but I wouldn't sell it for any price. Priceless indeed.

Greg Armstrong

Thank you for the link Porter. The hand me down gear is truly "priceless"!

I have a couple of inherited bamboo rods in the closet. Wrote about my Great Aunt Peggy's very "blue collar" Heddon that I took fishing a few years back...

I haven't taken my Grandfather's South Bend (complete with the "Comficient Grip") out yet though. Waiting for the right time and place. These rods were made for fishing though, and I know he'd want me to use it.

Anyone else have any hand me down bamboo or old reels?
Steve, do you have a photo to share of your Dad's Winchester reel?

Jim B

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Porter....great story, thanks for posting it. My dad gave me his 1950s vintage Montague Rapidan bamboo fly rod some years back, complete with a maroon Shakespeare Oren-O-Matic fly reel and braided nylon fly line (looks like braided silk). He and my grandfather bought their fly outfits and their old Savage side-by-side shotguns from Abercrombie and Fitch when they were downtown of my brothers has grandpa's fly outfit, and both shotguns get used every fall, for old time's sake.

I have strung up dad's outfit a few times over the years, and lawn-cast it, but have never fished it....maybe I should, for old time's sake.

Jim B.


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
"Once, when I was recording a family history, I asked him if he ever regretted not leaving Aberdeen and seeking fortune elsewhere in the world.
The question stopped him: “Why would I ever want to leave?” he responded. “Every fortune you could ever want was right here — jobs, friends and family.”

A philosophy to live by! :)