Looking for Echo Sr 3wt Review

Thomas Williams

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Can anyone give me a review of how this rod compares to their 4wt switch I found to be too heavy of a stick for trouting with a switch. Im considering picking up the Meiser 3/4/5 but at half the price would like to hear some opinions.

David Loy

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Recently picked up a used SR 4wt and managed to get out for a bit this morning. What a great casting rod, just the right size IMO. Not overly stiff at all. Pretty good mojo with the local smb too. Currently using the 4wt switch chucker and it's a good match, even though I like mid bellys and DTs.
No experience with the 3.


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I'd say the 3 is noticeably slower than the 4. I tend toward the higher end of these rod's grain windows (i.e, +25-30 grains above recommended) and the 3's recovery rate is about 80% as fast as the 4.

That said, I bought the 3 for reasons similar to you--I felt the 4 wasn't enough "fun" for trout-sized fish (sea-runs and resident coho in my case). I had the chance to test that theory this spring and was proven right--the 3 is like fishing a strong 4 weight or medium-fast 5 weight single-hander. Trout/resident coho in the 14"-16" range are a blast.

Hope that helps.


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Being Lucky and retiring to a fly shop I have the opportunity to cast a few rods and line combinations. When you get into the 3 and 4 wt switch rods they feel a bit loosie goosie and slower all the way around. I usually lean to the light side on most of my fishing lines.

The 3106-4 Echo SR throws an Ambush WF4 overhead with trout versileaders very nicely, with an Ambush WF5 or WF6 and versileaders spey cast well and the more mass of the 6wt will help us amateurs to turn over larger streamers. The Ambush WF4 is 195 grains and just a cannon overhead and does not slow the rod down as much as a WF5 at 215 or WF6 at 235 grains will.

I like the versatility of a running line and heads and tips on a reel that I can move to different rods and use the proper set up so you will not find me with very many full lines.

The Rio Scandi Body which is from the short scandi lines is where I start testing with different rods.

I have cast the 255 Scandi body WF5 intermediate spey casting on the 3106-4 SR, the 4109-4 Prospector, and the 5116-4 Sage One overhead. As with most two handed rods the grain window for a sustained anchor cast is much wider than the grain window for overhead casting on a switch or single handed rod. It was too heavy for the Sage Accel 896-4 single handed rod overhead and worked just fine with spey casts. It will depend on what fish you are going to use the 3106-4 and what kind of casts you are planning on making.