Question about the classifieds.

I have a question for those who have sold gear on this site. Seems like most sellers like to delete the price of a item when it has sold. Why?
I'm just asking as I like to do a search of a item. See if the asking price is in the ballpark. Same goes for listing a item.


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If you put up an ad to sell something for $100 on this site you'll get spammed with people offering you a used spool of 6x tippet and $25 for it.

The only way to stop the spam of useless pms is to delete the thread or remove the price with "sold".
I need to put something in place that deletes ads that are more than a month old.
Is that a really good idea, boss? Sometimes things get moved back two or three pages, two or three months due to activity in the classified section. Someone may be away and come back, check, and find an old ad and want to check to see if the item is still available. A PM would be a better way to go about it but some people won't do that. There has to be a better way.


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I think the practice started on Clarks Classic Rod Forum. My guess they wanted privacy selling some high end, collectable or rare items. It is rare they do not do this and now there are several people from that site that have found WFF and Speypages. Some great knowledgeable folks on that site but also plenty of anal a.......


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I like Jeff's idea. I recently went back two years to find some information about a rod/reel combo I purchased from this site's classifieds - I forgot the make of the fly line that came with it. Then I wanted to find the name of the person who kindly sold me some fly fishing-related books, to see if he was the same person selling some other items (he was, and I went forward with that purchase knowing he'd been an honest guy before). Lastly, I also wanted to chat with a gentleman to whom I had sold a rod, about his luck fishing with his new purchase. For those two reasons, I'd like maintain visibility of a sold item, even if I cannot add to the thread.


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I personally think we should take the ad down when sold or no longer for sale. You can look at how long some one has been a member of the site, how many posts and now we have the opportunity to see/post positive experienced with other members. There can always be a bad apple or someone not describing an item accurately (may not know) but for the most part transactions here are much safer than ebay or craigslist.