Idaho Trip day 6

Shawn West

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This is really a trout report, but I figured I should post it here since it is another chapter in this story I have been telling.
The last day of our trip, the wind made fishing any of the local lakes impossible. We decided to go on a road trip and check out the South Fork of the Boise River. There was a substantial fire in that area last year. We were not sure what to expect. It turned out to be beautiful. We found an area that looked to be promising. Al started to get some love using a Doc Spratley. He managed to land a whitefish and a rainbow. While we were hanging around, a drift boat made its way through our hole. The gentleman in the front of the boat got a strike. He looked over at us and said it was a whitefish. I was not so sure. This fish was taking a lot of line. We watched him fight this fish for at least 15 minutes. When they got the fish in the net (which was no easy feat), they were rewarded to see a nice healthy 23” rainbow. What a magnificent fish!!! The guy dropped the fish prior to his partner getting a photo. Photo or not, that guy has a fantastic memory of his float down the SFB.
This would be our last time on the water for this week long trip. All in all, it was a good trip. The high winds and full moon made the fishing challenging at best. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this trip a 7. We probably lost about 60% of our time on the water due to high winds. Except for one evening, I could never figure out the LMB on the bluegill pond. All 6 of us caught fish. Al caught the largest SMB with his 19.5” 4.5 pounder. Steve caught the largest bluegill that measured 11 1/4”.
We are talking about exploring the Pot Holes area next year. We figure it would be a shorter drive, and we would not have to pay an out of state fee to fish. The fish in the Pot Holes area better look out. We are coming for you.

The burn from last year

driving over the dam




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"I could never figure out the LMB on the bluegill pond"

That's because it is a "bluegill pond"...silly :p

Shawn...Thanks for the day-to-day report...looked like a great time was had!! :D