FS 9wt Scott Xs2 outfit FS

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  1. 9wt, 9' Scott X2S and Pflueger President reel with extra spool, and two lines: one Rio Outbound Type 6 (I think) sink tip and one RIO floater.

    The entire kit is in great shape. I have used it but a few times, and when I did the pry was large, dumb fish in remote corners of the Globe, so it has been properly seasoned. However there are no blemishes anywhere and it is nearly new.

    The Pflueger President reels are my go to salt water reel - I have a drawer full of them. If you are looking at another reel from another brand that looks similar it probably came out of the same factory and same assembly line as the Pflueger, but costs half as much since Shakespeare doesn't need to make margin on this category. It is a very handsome, robust machined reel with a great drag.

    I have a quiver of Scott X2s's. I just find that the 7 wt handles 99.5% of the fish in the Sound, so the 9 wt sits in its tube.

    $500 for all[​IMG]. In Gig Harbor.



  2. Bump. $400. Just don't want it sitting around. Thx.
  3. Interested in trades? I am trying to unload some 4wt gear now to pick up a salt combo. I have a 4wt tfo finese and bvk along with orvis bbs II reel and spool and a lamson konic 1.5

    Worth a shot! Thanks
  4. Marty, Tried to send you a pm, system wont let me..
    Pm or email me please, jat1@softcom.net

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